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NADJ Scholarship 2015 - And The Award Goes To...
The NADJ Scholarship has been awarded to...
It's the season for awards - we've just had the glitz and glamour of the Academy Awards, the Grammys took place at the beginning of the month and tonight (Wednesday 25th February 2015) Ant & Dec take on the challenge of hosting the BRIT Awards.  However, there is one award that has got many DJs eager to find out the result and, without blowing our own trumpet, that's the accolade of being named the NADJ Scholar.
  Mark Walsh (BPM) and Eddie Short (Pro Mobile magazine) spent considerable time going through all the high calibre applications and they whittled the entries down to a small selection.  That was then refined again until they came to a conclusion as Eddie explains: "Overall, the standard of applications was really good and we were encouraged by the quality and detail included in the answers. It was really hard to get it down to one ultimate winner however we are sure that we have chosen well and the winner will embrace the prize package whole-heartedly."
  So, in true awards ceremony style: And the award goes to... Iggy Davis of Iggy Events!
The NADJ AGM & Conference 2015 (Sunday 26th April 2015)
The National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) AGM & Conference 2015 takes place on Sunday 26th April 2015 at The Royalty Theatre in Sunderland.
We have some exciting plans for 2015 and we will start to roll them out over the first part of the new year, so keep an eye on our fortnightly newsletters to keep abreast of developments within the Association.  The first item on the agenda is the NADJ AGM & Conference 2015 and we are keeping with plans laid out a few years ago to host the Conference in an area where we have an established branch - it also means that we will cover many regions as it moves from one area to another.  Over the past three years we've held it in Wales, West Yorkshire and London.
  Our NADJ North East branch will host the next AGM & Conference in their neck of the woods and the date for your diary is Sunday 26th April 2015.  With the help of Gary Kenny from our North East branch, we have chosen The Royalty Theatre in Sunderland as we had great success with another community theatre when we used the facilities at the Bradford Playhouse Theatre for our AGM & Conference in 2013.
  Sunderland is less than a two-hour drive from the hearts of four nearby branches (including the North East branch) and we hope to see members from those areas at the event.  The Royalty Theatre has some great facilities and staff that we will draw on to make the event a success.  We hope that you will reserve some space in your diary for a day of networking, education, fun and inspiration for you and your DJ businesses.
  We will have more information in due course, but for now you have the most important information in your hands - the date and location of the NADJ AGM & Conference 2015.
Christina Lock: Farewell To A 'Lovely Lady'
Christina Lock: Farewell To A 'Lovely Lady'
It is with great sorrow that we have to say farewell to a lady who was a staunch supporter of the National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) and who attended many NADJ and other DJ industry related events. The lady in question is Christina Lock and she passed away a few days ago. She will be sadly missed by our team and DJs from our NADJ Wales branch.
  She was always introduced to the current and past NADJ Committee members as 'Pete's Mum.' The team here at the NADJ would like to pass on our condolences to the Chairman of the NADJ Wales branch (Peter Lock) and his family.  Peter said: "She passed peacefully in her sleep with a beaming smile."
Christina Lock: Farewell To A 'Lovely Lady'  Christina is pictured with Jive Bunny, her son Peter in the black NADJ fleece and her grandson Ben Lock (far left) in the green and white top. The photograph was taken at the NADJ AGM & Conference 2012 in Newport and we've replicated this announcement on the NADJ Facebook page (see below).
NADJ Scholarship 2015
The NADJ Scholarship 2015 Programme from the National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ)
Update 11.02.2015: Applications for the The NADJ Scholarship programme have closed.  Thank you to all of our members have entered and good luck to everyone.  We will announce the details of the lucky Scholar soon!

The National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) has put together a unique opportunity for one of our Full Members to take part in a wide selection of educational and training opportunities.  This package will draw upon the resources of well-known and respected industry representatives, give access to a comprehensive DJ conference, gain VIP access to an industry event and we hope it will open up a world of opportunities.
  We have called it the NADJ Scholarship and one of our DJs will have access to a wealth of knowledge, experience, information and training that has never been put in one place before.
  There is now a wide selection of opportunities for DJs to develop their business or hone their skills as a DJ, so the Association has put some of those training elements into one place.  We are funding this unique scheme that is sure to have a positive impact for one lucky individual.
The 'History Of DJ' Part 4 From DMC
DMC have brought out the next instalment from the 'History of DJ' series.  If you've not visited the previous episodes, we'd recommend that you take a look at the first three parts of the fascinating documentary series that's presented by Tony Prince.
  The forth part of the saga takes a look at American radio from the 1940s and 1950.  It'll go through the revolution in music from those two decades and how teenagers played a part in the styles of music that broke through on the radio.
  Synopsis of the he 'History Of DJ' Part 4: The 1940s radio style and the music of the big bands with singers like Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby were about to run into the world’s first teenage revolution.
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