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NADJ London Branch Meeting Time Lapse Video
An awful lot of effort goes into the meetings throughout our branch network and the team at NADJ London did a time lapse video of what most DJs don't see - the setting up and pack down.  Their meeting took place on Monday 28th July 2014 at Dukes Meadows Golf & Tennis Club in Chiswick (their regular meeting venue).
  The footage also takes a snapshot of the meeting, including the auction of products that went for absolutely unbelievable prices from Clive Hodghton from CRS1 Entertainment House, who was the supporting retailer for that meeting.
  The attendance was down due to massive problems with the transport network in our capital city - with reports of some drivers being stuck on the M25 from the morning through to the evening.  Yes, London may have more spent on their transport network than anywhere else in the country, but when a couple of incidents clog things up, only time can heal the problems.
  Our thanks to Tony Winyard, NADJ London Chairman, for setting up the camera and for creating the time lapse video of their branch meeting.
Importing Sound And Lighting Products From Outside Of The European Union (EU)
Importing Sound And Lighting Products From Outside Of The European Union
We're in probably the hardest and longest recession on record and we are all trying to save money, however, there are times when saving a few pounds could come back to haunt you.  One of our members contacted us to pass on some words of advice to DJs thinking about importing sound and lighting products from outside of the European Union (EU). 

  Not everyone will know the pitfalls of responding to one of the many spam e-mails from companies offering products that seem to be a bargain.  Many people will think that they can cut out the middleman and buy direct from a supplier or manufacturer in another country (outside of the EU).  Their prices look incredibly appealing and the urge to save money may override any concerns about warranties, spares, repairs, technical support or duties for importing products.

  The DJ who contacted us was lured by the low prices of some LED lighting products direct from a supplier in China.  He's been in the game for a long time and has always supported his local retailer, but the potential savings was the main reason for replying to an unsolicited e-mail and for placing a small order.  He now regrets that decision because when the items were delivered by the courier, he received an invoice from them a month later for import duty and processing charges.

Vehicle Tax Changes
We always aim to keep DJs informed of important changes that may affect their business and provide them with information to assist them in general.  One of the items that will affect all drivers later on this year are changes that are being introduced by the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) - are you aware of the changes to vehicle taxation that are coming into force in October 2014?
  The paper disc will be abolished and there are big implications for those buying or selling a car/van - registered keepers will get a refund on any remaining months and the new buyer will have to tax the vehicle.
  Another big change is the option to pay by direct debit either yearly, for six months or monthly - the latter two options work out a little more expensive than paying in full for the year ahead.
  You can read all about the changes here: DVLA - Vehicle Tax Changes
DVLA - Vehicle Tax Changes on Google+  You can also check out the DVLA YouTube channel where there's a video on this very subject: DVLA - Goodbye to the tax disc...
Speed Limits: Car And Van Drivers Take Note
Speed Limits: Car And Van Drivers Take Note
We're feeling very informative this week and when we highlighted the changes to the vehicle taxation system, we remembered something that cropped up at one of our branch meetings that could affect you and your DJ business.
  We had a member of the National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) who was pulled over for speeding in his van.  He was informed that the speed limits for his vehicle were different to cars or car-derived vans up to two tonnes.
  The DJ thought that he could travel at the same speed as cars, but a clued-up policeman told him otherwise and when he queried it at the police station, the officer had to go away and check and it was also news to them that there was a lower speed limit for commercial vehicles on certain roads.
The 'History Of DJ' Part 2 From DMC
A few months ago we highlighted a great video from DMC called the 'History of DJ' and the first part was well worth watching: The 'History Of DJ' Part 1 From DMC.  The good news is that the second part has just gone live and we'd recommend reserving a little under 30 minutes to view the next edition.
  Here's what the DMC team had to say about this video:
  "In Part 2 of The History of DJ, we trace the development and influence of DMC returning to the Royal Albert Hall and Wembley Arena for the World DJ Championships and DMC Awards.
  DMC takes the UK DJs and dance music industry across the Atlantic to the New Music Seminar on board the newly launched Virgin Atlantic.
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