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NADJ Scholarship 2016 Terms & Conditions
NADJ Scholarship 2015: Terms & Conditions
NADJ Scholarship
Terms & Conditions
  • Applicants must be Full Member of the National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) during the NADJ Scholarship application period.  They must have valid membership subscriptions in place and have valid annual PAT test documents on file with the NADJ.
  • The closing date for all applications is Mid-day Monday the 16th of November.
  • There is only one NADJ Scholarship available.
  • Applications can only be made through the designated form on the website and no other methods of entry are accepted.
  • Applications will be assessed by Mark Walsh and Eddie Short only and their decision will be based on the submissions they receive.  Representatives of the NADJ will have no influence over their decision and their decision is final.  Once they have chosen the person to take up the NADJ Scholarship, no discussion over their decision will be entered into.
  • Only one application per Full Member will be accepted and this will be deemed to be their first NADJ Scholarship form submission only.  Any duplicate or subsequent entries will be discarded by the assessors.
  • By entering the NADJ Scholarship application process you agree to the details of your submission being passed on to the assessors.
  • All parts making up the programme that is the NADJ Scholarship are available to the candidate that the assessors deem most suited to taking full advantage of the programme.
  • In the event of a publicised part of the NADJ Scholarship becoming unavailable, for whatever reason, the NADJ cannot be held responsible.
  • The NADJ cannot be held responsible for any technical issues with regards to the application process.  If an applicant encounters a problem with their submission, they should contact the NADJ Webmaster immediately and give precise details of their issue: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • No parts of the NADJ Scholarship may be transferred to another party, are non-refundable, subject to availability and there is no cash alternative.  No part of the NADJ Scholarship programme may be sold on to another party.
  • The person chosen by the assessors to take up the NADJ Scholarship must respond within seven days to confirm that they wish to take up the programme.  In the event that candidate chosen to take up the NADJ Scholarship does not wish to take up the programme, the assessors will make a new decision.
  • The person chosen to take up the NADJ Scholarship will be announced within 28 days of the close of entries, unless there is a delay that is beyond the control of the NADJ.
  • The successful applicant will be required to take part in all publicity that the NADJ deems fit.
  • Travel and accommodation costs (unless stated) are not included in any parts of the NADJ Scholarship.  Any expenses incurred through taking up any part of the NADJ Scholarship are not included in the programme.
  • The NADJ reserves the right to substitute or completely remove any part of the NADJ Scholarship if a part of the publicised package is no longer unavailable.  This can take place without giving notice.
  • Entry to BPM, the Pro Mobile Conference or any other event that forms a part of the NADJ Scholarship shall be subject to the venue or organiser’s terms and conditions and they reserve the right of entry.
  • Unsuccessful applicants will not be informed as to why they were not awarded the NADJ Scholarship, as resources do not permit it.
  • In the event of one or more of the assessors being unable to carry out their duties, the NADJ reserves the right to amend the NADJ Scholarship assessment panel with one or more other independent persons to carry out their duties.
  • It is the Scholar’s duty to set a good example throughout the programme as they are representing the NADJ and they must continue to fulfil the requirements of the NADJ Code of Conduct (available to download from the website).
  • As a part of the NADJ Scholarship programme, the successful applicant will receive a one year extension to their existing Full Membership subscription period.  That extension will be processed within 28 days of their current membership subscription period coming to an end.
  • The NADJ reserves the right to add to the programme of items that make up the NADJ Scholarship.  Any objections to items added to the NADJ Scholarship after the submission from the candidate must be made in advance of the successful candidate taking up the NADJ Scholarship.
  • If an applicant wishes to revoke their NADJ Scholarship submission before the closing date they must send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it where a confirmation will be issued within 48 hours.  Once it has been revoked, no further submissions from that applicant will be accepted.
  • In the event of there being a dispute, of any kind, regarding the NADJ Scholarship or these Terms & Conditions, the 2015-2016 elected representatives of the NADJ Committee (Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) will act as the final adjudicator.
  • The NADJ reserves the right to cancel or amend the NADJ Scholarship and these Terms & Conditions without notice.  Any changes to the NADJ Scholarship or these Terms & Conditions will be publicised on the website.
  • Error & Omissions Exempt (E&OE).
Terms & Conditions (V2) published: 31st August 2015