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The 'History Of DJ' Part 4 From DMC
DMC have brought out the next instalment from the 'History of DJ' series.  If you've not visited the previous episodes, we'd recommend that you take a look at the first three parts of the fascinating documentary series that's presented by Tony Prince.
  The forth part of the saga takes a look at American radio from the 1940s and 1950.  It'll go through the revolution in music from those two decades and how teenagers played a part in the styles of music that broke through on the radio.
  Synopsis of the he 'History Of DJ' Part 4: The 1940s radio style and the music of the big bands with singers like Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby were about to run into the world’s first teenage revolution.
The 'History Of DJ' Part 3 From DMC
DJs who like to look back through important events in the music, radio, television and production will enjoy watching a fascinating series of videos from DMC.  The short documentaries have been put together and are presented by Tony Prince and they form a package of informative videos.
  In our previous newsletters, we've highlighted the first two parts of the 'History of DJ' and we noticed that the next instalment (Part 3) is available to view.  These documentaries are a great way of reminiscing about the sector of the Entertainment Industry that DJs work in.
NADJ London Branch Meeting (Monday 26th January 2015)
NADJ London Branch Meeting (Monday 26th January 2015)
The NADJ London branch meeting of the National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) took place at Dukes Meadows Golf & Tennis Club in Chiswick on the evening of Monday 26th January 2015.
  The small team of branch representatives worked hard to get a fantastic line-up of speakers, features, educational content and product demonstrations all packed into one night.
  We managed to cram in the following topics:
  • Q&A with Pat Sharp: Tony Winyard talked to Pat Sharp about his illustrious career as a radio presenter, TV host & DJ plus his new role as a music producer!
  • The Pop Quiz: A New Generation - Richard Lee of Mastermix presented a range of innovative music & general knowledge quiz concepts for you to offer your clients in 2015!
NADJ North East & Cumbria Branch Meeting & AGM (Tuesday 27th January 2015)
NADJ North East & Cumbria branch of the National Association of Disc Jockeys
On Tuesday 27th January 2015, the NADJ North East & Cumbria branch of the National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) held their bi-monthly meeting that was also their AGM.
  After several years at the helm of the branch, Chris Dye and Andrew Nesbit, left their roles on the branch committee. The duo were thanked for all of their efforts and hard work they both put in over the years. The appreciative DJs in attendance gave them a well deserved round of applause.
  As the branch committee stood down (as they do every year), the new branch representatives were elected with no objections:
  • Branch Chairman: Gary Kenny
  • Branch Secretary: Jamie Daniels
  • Branch Treasurer: Mark Ambrose
  Due to circumstances beyond the control of the branch, Chauvet DJ couldn't attend, but their representative, Rob Moore, passed on his sincere apologies and made a generous donation to the raffle. We hope to see rob and the Chauvet products on show at our branch meeting in the not too distant future.
Mastermix January Sale & An Additional 10% Off For Members Of The NADJ
Mastermix January Sale & An Additional 10% Off For Members Of The NADJ
It looks like Mastermix are following in the footsteps of the recent Phil Bearman Creative Media Solutions offer we referred to earlier.  This time they're offering 50% off many CDs in their vast collection and to make things even better value for members of the National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ), if you have signed up to their package of benefits and discounts for our members, you also get an additional 10% off the already fantastic discounted prices.
  All you need to do is enter MMJAN15 at the checkout to get the standard discount.  If you want to sign up to receive other offers throughout the year and get that extra 10% discount on selected releases, please opt-in via the NADJ website: Exclusive 10% Off Mastermix CDs And Music Downloads For All NADJ Members
  Please note that applications to join the Mastermix package of offers via our website are processed by Mastermix during office hours and you will get your own dedicated login account for the www.mastermixdj.com website via e-mail. When you log in to their site via the special account that's created for you, an automatic discount will apply to applicable orders.
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