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DJ Dynamics From Mastermix

We mentioned in a recent NADJ Newsletter that 'Education is not a dirty word' as some DJs take learning opportunities as an attack on their abilities to carry out their job.  It's not about picking holes in the skills of DJs, education is more about developing your knowledge and abilities.  This is something that the National Association of Disc Jockeys has encouraged and now we have one of the leading 'DJ Only' music providers helping to show that learning new skills is vital to the role of the DJ.

DJ Dynamics From Mastermix

  Mastermix have just announced the formation of DJ Dynamics and they've set up a Facebook Page which aims to be an online resource for anyone to learn DJ mixing techniques.  They've joined forces with the University of West London to bring DJs a series of courses to assist DJs to hone their skills.

  Here's what they had to say about the new resource: "DJ Dynamics is a unique resource for anyone keen to learn the techniques and processes that underpin DJ mixing, delivered in HD video content, interactive quizzes and a virtual DJ mixer via the DJ Dynamics online platform.

  The course culminates in a formal assessment with successful candidates being awarded an official qualification from the London College Of Music - part of the University of West London).

  For more information, please head to the DJ Dynamics Facebook page:

Course Descriptions

DJ Dynamics: The Fundamentals of Mixing

DJ Dynamics is a unique resource for anyone keen to learn about the techniques and processes that underpin DJ mixing whether on vinyl decks, CDJs, or DJ and other computer software. Detailed guidance is delivered through HD video content, together with other useful and relevant information through the DJ Dynamics platform. A virtual DJ Player has been incorporated to allow techniques and processes to be practiced, and forums and informal quizzes are built in to help you consolidate learning and strengthen general knowledge and understanding of being a DJ.

  When you have worked your way through the course and feel confident in both the use of the in-built DJ Player and your knowledge of the Fundamentals of Mixing, you can take an on-line examination assessed by London College of Music Exams. Your DJ mixes will be submitted directly through this site using the in-built DJ Player, along with a written test using the same quiz tool used throughout the course.

  The resources have been put together to assist learning in a way that suits you. The units of study have been structured in a logical sequence, but are delivered in small chunks (sub-units) so they can be viewed in any order according to your needs. Initially, it’s a good idea to work through the units in sequence, as the knowledge gained in one unit aids understanding of the next; but once you have done this, you can jump between the various units and sub-units to revisit and review parts of the course as you need.

  Because the videos have been made in full HD (1080p), all content is highly detailed and sharp, making it both engaging to watch and easy to follow. Because all video content is streamed using the YouTube server, videos will scale according to your location, Internet bandwidth, and viewing platform. Similarly, the in-built DJ Player streams track content from our server, and is both data light and efficient, even over a 3G network.

  The introductory videos for each Unit incorporate professional and informative voice-overs to explain various techniques and processes. The sub-units also provide an on-screen script in an expanded caption form so that unfamiliar terminology and concepts can be more easily grasped. Animation has been used where appropriate to help demonstrate how things work, and to simulate complex and real-time actions.

  There is a tried and tested approach to learning that underpins DJ Dynamics, with the added advantage that you can learn at your own pace, and at a time and place that suits you.

DJ Dynamics: Course Objectives

At the end of the course you will: 

  • Understand the importance of sound waveforms, how they are represented and used in different recorded media, and be able to read waveforms to navigate and locate specific points within a track.
  • Understand concepts of beats in music and the organization of beats to make bars and phrase structures. An understanding of the organization of music through these rhythmic and structural devices is essential to successful DJing.
  • Have developed the skills and knowledge to accurately and consistently cue, beat and phrase-match two tracks recorded with the same or different number of beats per minute.
  • Have an appreciation of typical musical structures and devices used in Electronic Dance Music.
  • Be able to demonstrate the creative and practical skills of DJing by successfully cue and mixing a range of tracks with different music content.
  • Be able to demonstrate a broad understanding of a range of concepts and sound theory that you can apply to be a successful DJ and remix engineer.
DJ Dynamics: Study
The course is organized in to four units of study:
  • Waveforms
  • Cueing & Mixing
  • Beats, Bar, Phrase and Tempo
  • Song structure
The units have been designed to work in a linear sequence, where ideasand concepts in one unit provide a foundation and knowledge for the others. Each unit is broken down into a series of sub-units, and ‘scenes’. By breaking the course down into manageable chunks, you can immerse in something very specific, or take in a number at a time. The course has been designed specifically for on-line learners, and offers flexibility to dip in and out as you see fit. This avoid shaving to wade through long and complicated units of learning, and assists greatly with navigating to sections of the course that you wish to revisit and review.
  HD video is used throughout to bring a high level of detail to explanations, and aide immersion with the content. Each unit begins with an overview, and is followed by one or more scenes that build on and consolidate concepts and techniques. The videos are streamed, and you can stop and start whenever, and as often as you like. Being able to skip and jump to particular moments in any one of the videos, and watch sections repeatedly is a huge advantage when learning particularly complex ideas or techniques. Many of the videos simulate actions in real-time, so the ability to stop and rewind precisely to points of interest is a huge advantage, and allows you to learn at your own pace.
  The whole learning experience is delivered through a combination of HD video, specifically tailored Quizzes, Discussion Forums to connect with other DJ Dynamics users, and a Reference Library of links to excellent resources on the Web.
  We recognise that peer learning is hugely important, so the forums arearranged specifically around learning units and topics so that you can go straight to questions, comments, and information sources of specific interest.
  For more information, please head to the DJ Dynamics Facebook page:
DJ Dynamics from Mastermix





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