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NADJ Member Interviewed For Deal Or No Deal Quiz Show
We'd like to wish one of our members the very best of luck with their audition to play on a popular quiz show. We have been asked not to name the DJ in question, but he or she has got through the first stage of the contestant selection process and the second part involves an interview with crew members of the Deal or No Deal TV programme.
  If the DJ is selected, they may be appearing on the East Wing or the West Wing of the show and before the legend that is Noel Edmonds to take on The Banker.
  We hope that he or she will make it through the interview stage because we think that they will make a great contestant and they will be a real challenge for The Banker to take on.
  That interview takes place today (Tuesday 30th September) and we want to wish them all the very best of luck!

Update 01.10.2014: We spoke to the DJ who attended the second stage of the Deal or No Deal? application to be a contestant process.  Not everything went according to plan as they needed to catch several trains to get to the location of the interviews.  The final train they needed did not stop at the station they needed to get off at, but all was not lost, because like all good DJs, they'd factored in extra time and were able to use that to make sure they weren't late.
  There were many other people at the gathering and they were split into groups.  The first part of the interview process involved a group interview and then the production staff reviewed the recordings to decide who would go through to the next part.
  Our member was chosen to go through and they were interviewed again by the production team.  Questions were pulled out, such as:
  • What five things could you live with and what five things could you live without?
  • If you could be a celebrity, who would you be?
  • If you could take Noel Edmonds out, where would you take him?
  There were additional personal questions based on the answers from the initial paper/online application, that allowed the team to gain further background information on the potential contestant.  It also allowed them to evaluate the personality of the candidate and to see if they are comfortable on camera.  
  We could reveal more about the day, but that would be giving the game away.
  Let's just say that several hurdles have been cleared and there are over 100,000 applicants each year to go on the show.  While there may be three shows filmed in a day and the quiz is on throughout the year, it's quite an achievement for anyone to get through to where this DJ has.
  It's now just a waiting game as unlucky applicants will get an e-mail and those who are chosen to go through will get a phone call from the production team.  That e-mail or phone call may take up to a year to get the notification as they work that far in advance.
  So, we've still got our fingers firmly crossed and if we get an update, we will let you know.
  *Image courtesy of Deal or No Deal.
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