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A Great New Use For Your Tax Disc Holder
Emergency Contact Disc - A great use for your old tax disc holder.
Can you remember a month or so ago when the NADJ highlighted the changes to the way vehicles are taxed and the demise of the paper tax disc? If not, click here for a reminder: Vehicle Tax Changes
  Well, it seems that some Warwickshire Police officers have come up with a use for what was the old car tax disc holders that could come in handy should there be an accident.  Rather than throw the holder away, the Malvern Police Officers want to use them to store vital information that could help the emergency services with medical information and contact details.
  The information isn't on display to the public as those sections are folded inside the holder.  It seems that the manufacturers or those who bought a job lot of tax disc holders on the cheap may still be in business or have an opportunity to sell their product.
  If you want to download a PDF version of the idea, please head to their Google Docs page: Malvern Cops (Warwickshire Police) Google Docs - Emergency Contact Disc
  You can also follow the officers who came up with the idea on their Twitter page:
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