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A Thousand Thanks For Helping The NADJ Raise Over A Thousand Pounds For Charity
WorldPay Zinc Chip & Pin discount through the NADJ includes a donation to the Salvation Army's Christmas Appeal
We'd just like to thank all of our members who have taken up a great offer from WorldPay Zinc with their pay as you go 'Chip & Pin' machine for taking credit and debit card transactions.  In December 2013 we launched a scheme whereby each new WorldPay Zinc applicant got a discount on the card reader and the National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) received an e-voucher for Amazon. 

  We didn't expect the response we've received over the past eleven months and we are extremely happy to announce that thanks to all the people taking up our WordlPay Zinc discount, we have smashed through the £1,000 barrier!  That's a fantastic achievement and we must say a special note of thanks to everyone who has taken up the offer through our unique referral link as we will shortly arrange to hand the donation over to representatives of our chosen charity.

  As a not for profit Association, we felt that it would be a great idea to give the vouchers to charity and as we were on the run up to Christmas, we felt that perhaps they should be donated to a charity that had a campaign to give a needy child a gift at Christmas.  So, we searched for an appropriate good cause to give the vouchers to and the NADJ Committee opted to help The Salvation Army and their annual Christmas Appeal.

The Salvation Army's Christmas Appeal will receive over a thousand pounds in Amazon e-vouchers from the NADJ.  As well as having £1,040 of Amazon e-vouchers to help provide presents for needy children across the UK, the good news continues as WorldPay Zinc explained in a recent message to the Association: "As one of our top referrers for WorldPay Zinc, we'd like to offer you something extra.   You may already be aware that throughout November 2014 we have doubled the Amazon voucher reward to £20 per referral.  To thank you for all your help in spreading the news about Zinc we'd like to give you even more.

  "If you refer 20 or more friends to Zinc from now until November 30th 2014, we will send you an additional £200 Amazon voucher on top of the vouchers you will already receive.  This means you could potentially earn £600+ in Amazon vouchers, which is ideal with Christmas only weeks away."

   We've hit our target of raising £1,000 of Amazon e-vouchers for charity this year, but wouldn't it be great to continue the fundraising into 2015 with a massive boost from new applications to the WorldPay Zinc Chip & Pin system?  If we could get twenty new applications through in November 2014, we would start the New Year and our campaign off very nicely indeed.  Each new applicant will also get a £10 discount on the system if they use our referral link:

WorldPay Zinc - chip and pin discount link
  Some of you may be asking why you should consider taking payments from customers through the WorldPay Chip & Pin terminal that connects to your smart phone (Android or iOS devices)?  There are many reasons why professional service providers offer that facility and it's not always just for the benefit of the customer.  Wouldn't you like to have payments in your account a matter of days after meeting your clients as opposed to waiting for them to send a cheque or transfer your booking fee or balance to your bank account? 

  One of the reasons that DJs have taken up the WorldPay Zinc Chip & Pin is because customers have asked them for that facility.  Some people don't don't know where their chequebook is or if they've even got one!  One of our members said that when he informed his customers that he didn't have a way of taking a payment from them at a client meeting, the couple seemed disappointed as other service providers they'd met had that facility.  They were disheartened because they didn't have Internet banking or a chequebook.

  Not wanting any future customers to feel disappointed he contacted us to talk about the system and how it operated as the Association has used the WordlPay Zinc system for many years - we started on the first model and then upgraded to the current system - it's an excellent resource for us to take payments wherever there's a mobile phone signal or even take payments over the phone and use the online terminal.

  The DJ signed up, received the card reader in a matter of days and connected the WorldPay Zinc terminal to his mobile phone by Bluetooth.  He then had the pleasure of calling the customers, the very same customers who felt a little disappointed earlier in the week, to inform them that he could take a payment over the phone to clear the balance of their wedding reception entertainment by taking their debit card details and issuing them a receipt by e-mail.

  The customers were happy as they didn't have to take cash out of their bank and pay it into the DJ's account at a different bank to the one they used.  In this instance, the DJ was able to convert a negative reaction into a positive by taking advantage of the WorldPay Zinc £10 discount through our referral link.

  Another member of the NADJ who took up the WorldPay Zinc system uses it for his other line of work as he registered the account in his personal name.  As a DJ with a second self-employed job, he was able to take payments from customers of both businesses and as WorldPay has one of the quickest processing periods, the money could be in your account in a matter of days.

A Thousand Thanks For Helping The NADJ Raise Over A Thousand Pounds For Charity  There are many more reasons why WorldPay Zinc could work for your business and if you were thinking about signing up, please take into consideration the £20 donation the NADJ will make to the Salvation Arm's Christmas Apeal if you do so before the end of November 2014.  If we hit 20 new applications through our referral link, the Association will also give the £200 bonus to our chosen charity.  So, if you want to go ahead, please click here:

Fabio Capozzi, the National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) Secretary, with Steven Fincham from the Salvation Army and the £1,040 of Amazon e-vouchers for their annual Christmas Appeal.

We're proud that our National Secretary, Fabio Capozzi, was able to hand over the Amazon e-vouchers to Steven Fincham from the Salvation Army.  The presentation (pictured above) took place at the NADJ London branch meeting at Dukes Meadows Golf & Tennis Club in Chiswick on Monday 24th November 2014.

  The Association raised the money via the WorldPay Zinc referral system over an 11 month period.  With your help and the bonus they've offered the Association if we get 20 new sign-ups during the month of November 2014, we could start the fundraising for 2015 with £600+ in the kitty.  Don't wait and don't hold back on offering your customers access to a convenient WorldPay Chip & Pin terminal.

Twitter comment from the Salvation Army thanking the National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) for our fundraising efforts (below). 

Facebook post from WorldPay Zinc highlighting our fundraising efforts via their refer a friend system (below).

Take secure card payments using your mobile or tablet!

With the WorldPay Zinc service you'll be able to take card payments anywhere*, anytime using our Chip & PIN keypad and free WorldPay Zinc app. It's fast, simple, secure and you can pay as you go. NADJ members will receive a £10 discount off the WorldPay Zinc Chip & PIN keypad when they sign up at and enter the reference code FR250778 (or go via this link:

Getting started is easy and only takes 5 minutes. Simply sign up online then once you've received your keypad, download the WorldPay Zinc app, pair the keypad with your mobile or tablet and you're away.


How would taking debit or credit payments on the spot work for your business?


• No monthly fixed costs, no lengthy contracts 
• Spend less time chasing overdue payments and more time growing your business

• Improve your cash flow by collecting deposits over the phone before an event
• Enhance your business image by accepting major card types (Visa, MasterCard & Maestro)


WorldPay Zinc at a glance


• Pocketable Chip & PIN keypad

• Pay as you go service

• Money in your bank account usually within 4 business days
• WorldPay Zinc works with iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets
• Take card payments, issue email and SMS receipts and track your payments all from the palm of your hand
• Take payments over the phone using the WorldPay Zinc online portal
• Fully supported by WorldPay’s UK-based 24/7 helpdesk


Sign up now and receive your £10 discount by entering the reference code FR250778 at or go via this link:


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