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New Members From The British DJ Organisation (BDJO)
New Members From The British DJ Organisation
For over a year the Association has liaised with the volunteers behind the British DJ Organisation (BDJO).  We were informed that the BDJO were winding down their operation and that they had recommended to their members that they join the NADJ.  Their members were given the option to join our Association and many of them did just that.  So, over the past few months we have processed all of the new members from the BDJO and we've answered many of their questions.  We've given them time to settle in and we are proud to have them as members of the National Association of Disc Jockeys.
  Alan Marshall, Chairman of the NADJ said: "The British DJ Organisation, who after a long existence going back to the 1960s, were looking to close their doors.  After looking around for somewhere for their members to continue being part of a larger body they decided the best place would be as members of NADJ.  Over the space of a few weeks, that involved a lot of running around by the NADJ Committee, predominantly by our Membership Officer, John Forbes, and our Treasurer, Brian Jones, who carried out a massive amount of checking and processing new of members."
  Alan added that now the former BDJO members who joined the National Association of Disc Jockeys have had time to settle in, he would like to personally welcome them as some of our newest members: "I would like to give a belated welcome to everyone from the BDJO and look forward to meeting up in due course.  I hope that they will take full advantage of what the NADJ has to offer and I would like to see some of them at our AGM and Conference on Sunday 26th April 2015 at The Royalty Theatre."
  The BDJO have their own website and their Committee have decided to hand over the domain to the NADJ.  We asked the team of volunteers from the British DJ Organisation to give us some background information from their not for profit organisation and their Chairman sent us this:

A Brief History of The British DJ Organisation
By John Nowik (BDJO Chairman)

The origins of our Disco Organisation go back to the late 1960s when, a group of DJs in the Tamworth and surrounding area (Staffordshire) decided to form an organisation that DJs, semi-pro or otherwise, could join to share their experiences and expertise.  At that time there were many 'Discos' and 'Roadshows' in the Staffordshire area plying for bookings, many were what could only be described as cowboys charging very little and giving a sometimes very poor service. This caused many good quality Roadshows that were operating in the same market place a good deal of concern.  So our organisation was formed called DISC (Discos, in Staffordshire County) they would meet once a month at the Progressive Club, Halford Street in Tamworth.
  The organisation was slow to get off the ground simply because many DJs were reluctant to join at first - I have to admit I was one of them.  I didn't join until the late 1970s; by then the organisation had around 120 members dotted around Staffordshire and surrounding counties.  We had Public Liability Insurance with an indemnity of £2 million, which at that time was sufficient for most public and local authority owned buildings pubs and clubs.  We held regular meetings that were also augmented by demonstrations from local suppliers like 'Staffordshire Sound & Light' to name just one of the many over the years.
  However this was all about to change, our then Committee were informed that DISC was also used by a local organisation catering for the disabled, so in the mid 1980s we changed our name and logo to The British DJ Organisation (BDJO).  At the same time same time we set up a website
  As soon as the website went live we had many requests from DJs around the country to join so our membership began to really blossom.  We also took the opportunity to increase the Public Liability Insurance cover offered to our members to £10 million, this coincided with the requests from many local authority owned public buildings.
  We also began to publish a monthly magazine distributed to our members as part of their membership subscriptions.  Our Committee of 2002/2003 consisted of:
  • President: Kevin Hopcroft MD of Premier Solutions
  • Chairman: John Nowik
  • Treasurer: John Hardwick
  • Membership Secretary & Magazine Editor: Phil Sutton of Blaze Discotheques
  • Publicity & PR Officer: Rick Simon & Karl Addison
  • Secretary: Pat Cannon
  I took over the website management in the late 1990s and changed the logo to the one used up to the closing of the organisation.
John Nowik (BDJO Chairman) 
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