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Peter Lock Enterprises
Peter Lock Enterprises

Peter Lock Enterprises has a great deal for members and non-members alike on PAT testing and equipment repairs. 

  Their normal price for PAT testing is £70 for the first 40 items and then £1.20 per item, but for existing NADJ members, this drops to £50 for the first 40 items then only £1 per item.

  Become a Full NADJ Member after using his services and Peter will refund you the difference!

  Repairs to equipment will be charged at cost price for the parts but NADJ members will be charged labour at £20 per hour as opposed to £25 per hour.  For more information, please call 01454 773688 or 07837 178740.

  All prices are only valid within a twenty mile radius of Pete's base in Yate, Bristol. 

Review: Wedding Marketing for DJs Workshop
Many DJs make great entertainers, but when it comes to understanding their trade or selling their services, they sometimes miss out on opportunities to convert an enquiry into a booking.  Cries of working in the trade for decades and inadvertently turning complacent (and without knowing it) can sometimes hinder the chances of enhancing the way DJs operate.
  Since joining the NADJ, I have utilised the experience, knowledge and skills of my fellow members to develop and expand my own business.  I have taken full advantage of the networking and abilities of other professional operators to diversify and turn a job I thoroughly enjoy into a success story.
  However, I have set myself a target of not getting complacent and I am always on the look-out to develop my skills.  It is for this reason that I signed up to the ‘Wedding Marketing for DJs’ workshop.
The Mobile DJ Market Place
Written by David Summers   

The Mobile DJ Marketplace: Who Dictates How Much You Can Earn?

By Derek Pengelly

An overview, and analysis, of the mobile disco marketplace: I will try to examine some of the obstacles which restrict earnings, and share some tried and tested methods which are guaranteed to increase your income.

  I am fifty three years old and I started as a Mobile DJ in youth clubs at the age of 15. As I grew older I was able to work in pubs and clubs and learnt my craft doing anything and everything offered to me by unsuspecting clients. Most of my work came via agents or from local advertising and I fixed my fees, like everyone else, by ringing around the competition and then undercutting them slightly.

  Eight years ago I started David Summers & Co entertainment Ltd in partnership with my wife Carol. She runs the office and looks after the marketing and admin whilst I take care of the kit; source sub-contracted DJs and I do all of the technical stuff. Oh, and I DJ on average about four nights a week. Our business is Vat Registered and we will turnover in excess of £110,000 in 2007/8.

Wedding Fairs

Wedding Fairs….Good marketing opportunities or expensive waste of time?

The large majority of Mobile DJs and entertainers have very limited budgets for advertising and promotion however a well know phrase in marketing and one that anyone who has received any small business sales and marketing training is “Cant afford to advertise? cant afford not to advertise!”
What’s Networking?

Networking and a general understanding of basic communication is paramount when working in any service industry. Adding these skills to a business model is a must and will naturally propagate client and business partner confidence. 


Creating easy communication links between like minded organisation who wish to share and trade skills is a solid foundation for business. These links can be formed in a number of ways, either socially, within forums or association memberships from a DJs perspective. Adding venues within that structure is another subject and something that needs to be dealt with separately.


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