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Don't lose The Music

In April 2008, the Control of Noise at Work Regulations came into force for the music and entertainment sector in the UK. The regs mean that employers have a legal duty to protect their staff from the potentially harmful effects of loud music.

The regs apply to any workplace where there is live or recorded music. This includes music played in a restaurant, bar, pub, nightclub; or music played alongside live dramatic or dance performance. The regs apply to all staff – this means everyone from musicians and DJs, to bar and security staff.

Information Is King

Trying to establish a foothold at venues can be quite a battle and getting recognised by the events coordinator can be even harder. With a little foresight gathering information about the elusive events coordinator can be made simple and we pass this responsibility over to the client. 

Our booking agreement is comprehensive especially when it comes to the venue details and the events coordinator will happily impart all this information to a perspective client. By the time the agreement gets to us we know every possible contact detail and this is a valuable asset.

Haze and Fog Machines
Equipment Reviews

The use of smoke, fog or haze machines has long been accepted as the best way of maximising your lighting effects as without the air borne partials the moving beams of light are not visible, this was fine back in the 70s and 80s when we were all using screens and spot boxes however almost all modern effects lighting relies on patterns of beams whether high powered lasers, intelligent moving head units, wiggly mirror effects or moonflowers.

Making the Most of Enquiries

Many DJ’s are part time and may administer enquiries outside office hours and on the whole this is fine. Out of hours we divert calls to mobile phones and this does account for around 20% of the daily intake as the public seem to expect this level of service. 

If this pans out across the industry it would mean that 80% of enquiries for part time DJ’s would need to be dealt with by either an automated service or a capable person that could handle the call within office hours. If this isn’t possible and you adopt the answer phone technique then make sure you check it regularly as time stagnates the quality of an enquiry. 

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