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The Value Of A Wedding DJ (Member Article)

NADJ Member Tony Winyard writes about his thoughts on the DJ/Disco/Wedding Entertainment sector.We've received some great feedback on the articles from Tony Winyard who is passionate about the DJ profession and he is also playing a part in organising our NADJ London branch.  If you would like to comment on any of Tony's thoughts, please add your comments to the bottom of each story.  His latest blog details the true value of hiring a Wedding DJ for such an important and memorable day:

  When two people get engaged and then begin planning a wedding it can at first seem extremely daunting, faced with the enormity of organising such a huge event, and very often without any experience of organising anything this big.  It is very easy for it to get quite overwhelming especially with all the advice, much of it conflicting, that is offered by so many people. There is just so much to do and what to do first?  It can quickly get quite stressful.

  With so much to do, the entertainment can easily get overlooked in the early stages.  Additionally as most people will never have booked entertainment before, that can be another reason to put it off because of not being sure how to go about finding the right entertainment.

Breaking The Ice (Member Article)

NADJ Member Tony Winyard writes about his thoughts on the DJ/Disco/Wedding Entertainment sector.In the latest blog from Tony Winyard, he delves into the issue of 'breaking the ice' and interacting with the guests:

  "At many weddings, it’s often only the bride and bridegroom, plus 1 or 2 other people that will know almost everyone attending and there are usually many guests that don’t know many of the other guests. For the gregarious and extroverts this isn’t a problem as they have no problem in just starting conversations with all and sundry but many people are quite a bit more reserved and don’t find that so easy.

  There are a number of ways to break the ice and help your friends and family members very quickly and easily get to know those they haven’t yet met. One way is to have a Receiving Line, a tradition that is quite common in the USA but happens rarely at most UK weddings.

How To Make Social Networking Sites Like Facebook Work For Your DJ Business

Helen Lee from Mastermix opens up her library of tips and tricks for DJs on taking full advantage of Social Networking sites like Facebook.Many DJs want to use as many avenues as possible to promote their business and one of the ways to highlight your services is to use Social Networking sites like Facebook.  The NADJ often gets calls and e-mails asking for help on this subject and through our contacts and knowledge base of professional DJs, we are usually able to help or point the member in the right direction.

  When it comes to Facebook, the uninitiated may not know that there are some unwritten rules that pass as Facebook etiquette.   There are also so many options and features within Facebook that it's easy for the new user to get confused.

  So, with the kind permission of Helen 'The Queen of Social Networking' Lee at Mastermix, we have bundled together some of her top tips and tricks on how to make Facebook work for you and how to do it without upsetting other users.

  These documents are in the 'Benefits' section of the NADJ website and if you follow the guidance from Helen, we are sure that you will be able to make a success of promoting your business through sites like Facebook. 

The Last Dance! (Member Article)

NADJ Member Tony Winyard writes about his thoughts on the DJ/Disco/Wedding Entertainment sector.Some of our members have a real talent at portraying their thoughts on our sector of the Entertainment industry and we featured a blog post by Tony Winyard a month or so ago.  We've looked at some of Tony's past messages on his website and with his permission, we're going to feature some of his updates.

  In a past blog post, Tony mentioned about the iPod Disco or iDisco that some couples are opting for, sometimes it's to save money and sometimes they're just experimenting with a new way of keeping their guests amused at their event.  This time he's commented on one of the most memorable parts of the party: The Last Dance... 

  "You've had a fantastic day. The weather, conversation, food have all been perfect, you've had lots of fun, you and your guests have now been dancing and laughing all night. How do you now end the night? How on earth are you going to manage to say goodbye to all of your guests that are still there! It seems hardly anyone has left - they've been having too much fun!

iPod Disco - iDisco (Member Article)
Tony Winyard Member of the National Association of Disc Jockeys and his thoughts on iPod or the iDiscoI DJ'ed a wedding last night at the fabulous Pembroke Lodge in Richmond, a venue that I've worked at scores of times over the past decade or so. At the end of the night as I was packing up I was chatting with the manager and we were discussing Weddings, recent events etc,.
  He mentioned to me that he'd seen an increase in bookings where the couple hadn't booked a DJ but instead had used an iPod to play the music. I asked him how these events had gone and his reply was he felt that virtually every couple probably regretted doing so by the end of the night.  This was because at every single event the guests left far earlier than when there was a DJ or band, and at many of these iPod discos, that there were only a handful of people by the end of the night.
  He felt it was because there was a marked lack in atmosphere compared to when there was professional entertainment.
  I guess with the state of the economy it's a route that more couples will explore and unless they've seen first hand the results they may well just presume that they can create a playlist with songs they like and that everyone will dance.
  It's a shame that they may well discover the hard way that it actually takes a lot of skill to maintain a busy dancefloor at a wedding and keep all the different age groups and music tastes happy throughout the night.
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