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Enhancing Your Wedding Venue (Member Article)

NADJ Member Tony Winyard writes about his thoughts on the DJ/Disco/Wedding Entertainment sector.It's been a while since we ran an article from Tony Winyard who was recently appointed as the Chairman of the London branch of the National Association of Disc Jockeys.  We've received some very favourable comments in the past and Tony has just updated his blog, so please take some time out to have a read and if you feel like commenting, drop him an e-mail or add your thoughts to the bottom of this article.

  Please note - the article is not aimed at those who are planning to get married or those who are hosting an event, but by giving your customers options when dealing with their enquiry, you may help yourself to clinch that all-important booking:  

There are a multitude of ways to enhance any venue. A place such as a community hall, social club etc can be transformed into something very elegant looking with the use of things like drapes, lighting and so on.  And even quite prestigious venues can be improved and given your personal touch to look quite different from many of the other events that have been held at the same venue.

  Community halls especially are ideal for the use of draping, and by using your imagination and a good stock of draping around the room a drab, dark, poorly decorated room, that has little character can be made very special visually by adding LED lighting to the drapes, and the use of flowers, chair covers, stylish centrepieces etc.  Starcloths can also give the room a completely different feel and look, and hide any unsightly features the room may contain.

  At many weddings now the brides opt to have a backdrop behind the head table such as a "Light Curtain" or Starcloth and this is something chosen by brides at many different types of rooms.

  Dancefloors – There are now many incredible looking dancefloors and long gone are the days when all dancefloors were just the drab standard wooden parquet flooring. There are now some amazing looking floors, such as the Starlight type which features tiny LED lights within the dance floor.  There's also the retro style Saturday Night fever type of dancefloor.

  By the use of a Gobo Projector couples can have their name or monogram projected on the walls, ceiling or dancefloor for an added personal touch.

  Very often uplighting (also known as mood lighting) is used in many venues to give some colour to the room plus add some warmth and totally transform the look of the room. This can range from a static colour that matches the wedding colour theme, or bridesmaids dresses for example, to a carefully designed layout that slowly fades between 2 or 3 specific colours.

  Finally, photo slideshows are a great way of showing photos of not only the bride and grooms lives from childhood, which is often interesting to both sides of the family, but some also include some pictures of family members and friends, and for the really brave even photos from the Hen and Stag nights! 

  It's especially nice to upload photos of the day itself onto the screens for the evening guests, so they can see some pictures of the wedding. The way that I achieve this is by asking any guests that have been taking photos throughout the day to give me their cameras/smartphones, so that I can upload their photos, which takes minutes.


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written by Ian Guyer, Thursday 12 July 2012
food for thought here,thank you.... all helps towards add-ons !
written by Martin Radmall, Thursday 16 October 2014
We provide all of this as part of our DJ & Wedding service. It all adds fantastic ambience to every venue. often an oversight!

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