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The National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) At PLASA London 2014

A busy three weeks was spent by the volunteers who run the National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) driving from one event to another came to a conclusion at PLASA London (5-8 October 2014).  Our representatives exhibited at the event at the ExCel in London and that followed closely on the heels of BPM at the NEC in Birmingham and the Mastermix Open Day at their HQ in Rotherham.

Unsolicited E-Mail Marketing Campaigns To Members Of The NADJ
Unsolicited E-Mail Marketing Campaigns To Members Of The NADJ

The National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) has received reports of unsolicited-mail marketing campaigns being sent to our members that have references to our Find A DJ website.  This is not unusual as many companies will stop at nothing to sell their products or services, but it is something that we must put on record that the NADJ has nothing to do with and it is something we cannot condone.

  The latest unsolicited e-mails come from Wedding Suppliers UK and must put it on record that the Association has no relationship with this company that sells business listings on a website.  We do not have pre-approved offers or discounts that would be of benefit to our members and their latest e-mail to DJs has resulted in some members believing that it is endorsed by the NADJ.  This is categorically not the case and we abhor any attempt by companies to spam our members.

  If the business had contacted us to offer our members a special deal or offer, we may have considered adding it to our list of benefits, but by sending unsolicited e-mails to our members and referencing our Find A DJ website, we are concerned about this particular marketing campaign.

  Please rest assured that the NADJ will not pass on or sell information to companies to make money.  It is unfortunate that companies will glean information that's aimed at promoting our members to customers looking to hire an NADJ member in their area, for their unsolicited marketing campaigns.

Unsolicited E-Mail Marketing Campaigns To Members Of The NADJ  If any member receives an e-mail that makes them think that a marketing or sales message has come from, is endorsed by or has any link to the Association, please let us know.  We are happy to clarify any discounts or benefits that our members have access to with the reputable companies that have contacted the NADJ first.  We will let our members know of any membership benefit through our website, in our fortnightly newsletters and on our Facebook and Twitter account.

A Thousand Thanks For A Thousand Likes On The NADJ Facebook Page
A Thousand Thanks For A Thousand Likes On The NADJ Facebook Page
Hey guys! Thanks to you, we have more than 1,000 people who've 'liked' the National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) Facebook Page!  Don't forget that our network of branches all have Facebook pages and we'd encourage you to 'like' their page or at least stop by and see what they are up to:
NADJ Supporters Featured On BBC 2 TV Show With Monty Don

As it's now in the public domain, we're pleased to say that two of our biggest supporters, Helen & Richard Lee from Mastermix, will be featured on the first episode of a new series on BBC 2 with Monty Don.

  The dynamic duo spent nearly all of their spare time on renovating the inside and outside of a property they recently purchased. They took on quite a challenge but if you follow the couple on their social media profiles, you may have noticed the results on their Facebook pages. We think they've done a fabulous job and we can't wait for the the first 'Big Dreams Small Spaces' on Monday 20th October 2014 at 7pm on BBC 2.

  If you miss the episode, it should be available on iPlayer shortly after the show is televised.  If you'd like to know more, see the preview of the first episode and see Richard and Monty playing in a bush, please head to the BBC website for the trailer: Big Dreams Small Spaces (Episode 1 Trailer)

A Great New Use For Your Tax Disc Holder
Emergency Contact Disc - A great use for your old tax disc holder.
Can you remember a month or so ago when the NADJ highlighted the changes to the way vehicles are taxed and the demise of the paper tax disc? If not, click here for a reminder: Vehicle Tax Changes
  Well, it seems that some Warwickshire Police officers have come up with a use for what was the old car tax disc holders that could come in handy should there be an accident.  Rather than throw the holder away, the Malvern Police Officers want to use them to store vital information that could help the emergency services with medical information and contact details.
  The information isn't on display to the public as those sections are folded inside the holder.  It seems that the manufacturers or those who bought a job lot of tax disc holders on the cheap may still be in business or have an opportunity to sell their product.
  If you want to download a PDF version of the idea, please head to their Google Docs page: Malvern Cops (Warwickshire Police) Google Docs - Emergency Contact Disc
  You can also follow the officers who came up with the idea on their Twitter page:
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