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Newsletter - 25/03/2010

The NADJ Explained

  One of questions we often get asked most is:

 “What does the NADJ actually do other than hold an annual tradeshow?”

  This is quite a difficult question to answer over the lifetime of the NADJ, so we will try to give you a generic breakdown of how a year in office pans out.

Newsletter - 13/03/2010

The South Wales branch of NADJ held its AGM on Tuesday 9th March 2010 at the University of Wales Campus in Caerleon and it was a very successful night.  The business of the Annual General Meeting was conducted swiftly before they moved on to other matters of interest.  The new Committee for 2010 is as follows:

  • Branch Chairman- Justin Banwell (Black Panther Discos)
  • Branch Vice-Chairman- Paul Thompson (Juke Box Jury)
  • Branch Secretary- Mark Weller (Ocsid)
  • Branch Treasurer- Brian Jones (Animal House)
Newsletter - 07/03/2010

The democratic aspect of the forthcoming Annual General Meeting of the National Association of Disc Jockeys is now underway.  The nomination papers have been posted out to all full NADJ members.  These documents are also available on the main NADJ website ( in the ‘Members’ section of the site.  Visitors to the site must be logged in to see the ‘Members’ section on the left side of the web page.

Newsletter - 03/03/2010


The National Association of Disc Jockeys is run entirely by volunteers who give up their spare time to run the organisation, promote the profession, organise shows and meetings throughout the UK and attempt to gain some recognition from the industries and customers we serve.  At the moment, the Committee are focussing on the NADJ AGM & Tradeshow and over the last year they have had to prioritise the different aspects of the organisation.


Newsletter - 20/02/2010

The NADJ AGM & Tradeshow ( is shaping up to be a success and there is a buzz amongst the retailers and exhibitors about being a part of the event.  Pre-registration for the show is going very well and the free CD from CD Pool is being sent out with every registration that requests it.

  The event will have a couple of quirky aspects to the day and the lighter side of DJing and the fun element of the job will be on full display.  NADJ member, Darren Tipples of Wild West Entertainment ( has kindly agreed to bring some additional attractions for the event.  You don’t need to be a ‘cowboy’ DJ to go on the rodeo bull, but it adds another amusing element to the day.

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