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Newsletter - 26/08/2010
The NADJ offers a wide range of benefits and discounts to its membership.  Special offers and discount codes from leading retailers are available to NADJ members only.

Many of our members have noticed that the news and articles on the NADJ website are being updated on a regular basis. Our website statistics show that as well as gaining the interest of potential new members, the site is also being visited on a regular basis by our existing members.

  The organisation is in a very healthy position and we need your feedback on how we can improve the service to our members. We already have several new ideas in the pipeline, but it’s always good to hear what you have to say. So, get in touch if you have any ideas or if you want to play a more active role in the NADJ.

  One of our newest NADJ members, Harjit Mahal of Paragon20 Roadshow, sent us his comments on joining the Association: "I have been looking to join an Association for a while now and I have struggled to find anything that looks cohesive.

  I saw your offer of £10m in liability cover and it just clicked with me that you guys are actually serious about what you do and I am sure that it is going to be a privilege to be a member!"

Newsletter - 21/07/2010

Following the news of Mark Porley's sabbatical in the e-mail update, the NADJ Committee has taken on the extra workload, but the Association is more than just a collection of volunteers who administer the organisation.  We need your help to further our aims and objectives.

  All NADJ members are encouraged to offer their skills and knowledge to take the Association forward.  We need more forward-thinking DJs to strengthen the team and to make the organisation go from strength to strength.  We also need your feedback on how the NADJ should operate and to set new targets, so if you have any constructive and realistic suggestions please get in touch: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

  The NADJ Committee is compiling a list of members who have shown that they have the skills and enthusiasm to help the organisation.  We will be contacting them about getting more involved with the Association in the near future.  These members have passed on constructive feedback and have also helped at events across the county.  They have all shown a selfless mindset by giving up their free time to help improve and promote the NADJ.

Newsletter - 07/07/2011

Unfortunately the NADJ Chairman, Mark Porley, has recently suffered a bereavement and combined with some related family issues, he feels that there will be severe demands on his ability to fulfill his current position.

  With that in mind Mark Porley has decided to take a sabbatical and he is unsure when he will be able to take up office again.  This could have been sustained within the short term, but there are pressing NADJ commitments and it has been deemed necessary to install an Acting Chairman as a matter of urgency.

  John Forbes has graciously accepted the position until such time as Mark Porley is ready to step back into his roll.  This action has been supported by NADJ Secretary, Treasurer and the rest of the Committee.

  Effective immediately John Forbes, with Mark Porley’s full consent, is now the Acting Chairman of The National Association of Disc Jockeys and I am sure we will continue to offer him the same level of support as we did Mark Porley.

  We hope you will join us in extending our most heart-felt condolences to Mark Porley and his family and we look forward to his return to office.

Robbie Earl
NADJ Secretary

Newsletter - 24/06/2010

Technical Issues

Technical issues with the software we use to send the e-mail updates have prevented the NADJ from sending out our regular messages.  This has now been fixed and the updates will start going out on a regular basis again.  However, this hasn’t stopped the website from being regularly updated on the news and benefits front (see below).  Many apologies for the lack of e-mails and we hope you enjoy this extended update.

Newsletter - 08/05/2010

NADJ Membership & £10 million PLI for £75

The new membership and PLI package came into being as of 01/05/2010 and there has been an unprecedented number of new registrations and interest in the organisation. There are a few individuals out there that are miss-informed about the legality of dual insurance and below is a direct quotation from the NADJ insurers to dispel that myth.

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