Further the announcement of the EGM to be held at the London Branch on 22nd May 2017 at Dukes Meadows Golf & Tennis Club, Chiswick, please find below the final draft of the proposed associations constitution changes. It is important that all members receive a copy of the amended document for review. If you would like vote on these changes please do come along to the meeting as voting in person on the day only will count towards these very important changes.

Dear Member,

The National Executive Committee (NEC) have called an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) at the request of the majority of the NEC to give notice of changes to the constitution. Below is a summary of the changes proposed, however if you would like to read the full constitution please see below to download a copy.

Summary of proposed change to the constitution as follows:

  • CLAUSE 2: OBJECTIVES – This has be reworded slightly in a more modern and simple style. The fundamental objectives remain the same.
  • CLAUSE 3: MEMBERSHIP – The levels of membership have been extended and revised to align better in today’s marketplace and to open membership opportunities to a wider audience and in so doing creating additional revenue streams.
  • CLAUSE 5: MANAGEMENT – The ‘Start-up Payment’ has been increased to £300 for new branches opening. The NEC feel that this is a more realistic amount for today.
  • CLAUSE 10: AGM’s;
    • National – The date range for the National Annual General Meeting (AGM) has been extended in response to the date shift of BPM, the national trade exhibition at which we hold the associations AGM
    • National and Branch – The definitions and layout of this clause have been updated and reviewed to make it more clear how AGM and EGM at national and branch level are to be carried out.
  • CLAUSE 14: ACCOUNTS – Where interim accounts can be used for an AGM, a defined date range has been set to ensure final accounts are made available no more than 90 days after the relevant AGM.
  • CLAUSE 15: ALTERATIONS TO THE CONSTITUTION – Clause 9b reference has been removed as this clause no longer exists.

The National Executive Committee looks forward to your support and we hope to see you at the meeting in London.


Fabio Capozzi

National Secretary