Launching on Monday 19th February…

Phoenix is a brand new online wedding marketing training course, created by six times award winning DJ, author, wedding industry expert and supporter of NADJ, Terry Lewis.

Phoenix is designed to help you achieve two goals:

1. Get better-paying wedding clients.
2. Get enough of them to live the lifestyle you want.

NADJ has been given early course access and we are delighted to endorse its content because as you read on, you’ll discover Phoenix has been proven to work in different wedding industries in different countries.
Uniquely, Phoenix is the only marketing system in the world that’s specific to the wedding industry with this combination of three differentiators:

1. Phoenix was developed by 6 times wedding award winner Terry Lewis over 3-years then proven to work during 7-months of beta testing, before launch.
2. The test group was made up of wedding suppliers in different industries and countries around the world.
3. After applying The Phoenix System wedding suppliers who struggled before were able to attract and book better-paying clients afterwards.

The worldwide launch is on Monday 19th February. below is a link with further information so you can check out Phoenix for yourself.

You’ll also be invited to a free training video by the course creator Terry Lewis. In it, he reveals the buying triggers that motivate better-paying wedding clients to book. Watch this space!

If you want to develop your wedding business and take it to the next level, then The Phoenix System is for you.…

Best wishes
NADJ Education Officer Alan Marshall